Harmony Ultimate


Product Review: Harmony Ultimate by Logitech

Price Range: $350 – $360

Who Would Buy The Harmony Ultimate: Those looking for the ultimate universal remote that will control an entire home entertainment system behind cabinet doors and walls.

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The Harmony Ultimate was designed to be the most powerful and most customizable universal remote available. The ability to control up to 15 devices along with features like, one-touch activity sequences and device delays, Tap and Swipe color touch screen to switch between movies, TV, music, and games, it’s safe to say Logitech has achieved their goal. This universal remote just may be the last one you’ll ever need.


To start with, I bought the Ultimate after my daughter dropped my Harmony Touch one too many times. Now that she’s older, and less destructive, I felt confident that this remote wouldn’t suffer the same fate. So what about Harmony’s new universal remote? Seriously… the Ultimate will be the last remote you’ll ever need.

The Ultimate has the ability to map multiple activities. This feature really comes in handy when turning everything off at night. Also, because the remote is RF, it doesn’t need to be pointed at the device. This again is great for multiple reasons, but my favorite is that I can hit the power button and walk away and all my devices will shut off.


The Layout is a lot like the Touch. It has a bright touch screen in the middle of the unit with back-lit physical buttons above it and below it. You can customize up to 50 channels for quickly getting to the shows you want. It also recognizes gestures, so I can just swipe away anywhere on the screen to channel surf.

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The touchscreen also features an on-screen number pad as well as an Activity Menu. The Activity Menu feature is where I select what device I want to use at the press of a button, and to me, is what makes the Harmony Ultimate the ultimate universal remote. A remote that allows you to control all of your audio, video and game devices, they definitely picked an appropriate name for it.


The Ultimate also comes with a Hub that transmits the control signal to both IR and Bluetooth. All of my devices are behind a cabinet, and this bad boy has no problems getting the signal where it needs to be. I put the hub in the cabinet with my Blu-ray player, stereo receiver and game consoles, and there’s no additional lag. Harmony also has an app that will turn your smartphone into a remote. Haven’t used this feature yet, but I’m sure for those who always have phone in hand this would be one of their favorites.

The setup was fast and painless. I just followed the online instructions, connected the Hub via Wi-Fi and that’s it. Plus, all the future updates are automatically received through the hub via Wi-Fi. And the Ultimate comes with a charging station that keeps it constantly charged. No more batteries. Enough said.


None so far – but I’ll keep you posted.


One Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Value for money?

The Harmony Ultimate is truly one of those products that once you own it, you’ll ask yourself how you ever lived without it. I still look at my wife and smile every time I use it. For a universal remote that replaces up to 15 separate remotes, is loaded with so many usable features, and will never need batteries… it’s definitely worth every penny I spent on it.

Where to buy

Amazon.com is the best place I’ve found to buy the Harmony Ultimate. They have the best price and on top of that, their customer service is second to none.

Universal Remotes – The Evolution

A universal remote is by definition, a programmable remote that can operate various electronic devices. What’s interesting is that a lot of the remotes sold with devices now days include universal remote features for a limited control over other kinds of electronic devices. This is great, but still falls short of the name universal because it has limitations. Manufactures usually allow the remotes to work for and number of other devices, but that list is not expected to be updated with new devices. This is where universal remotes like the Harmony Ultimate shine. These remotes can be programmed to control up to 15 devices, and a long list of brands of models. Also, programming a universal remote in the past was so complicated that you had to be kind of a tech nut to do it, but now units like Logitech’s universal remotes are so easy to use, almost anyone can do it.


In 1985, William Mclntyre, Robin Rumbolt, and Larry Goodson made the first universal remote control. Not to be out done, in that same year Philips announced the first universal remote with a Magnavox brand name. And then again, two years later the first programmable universal remote control was made by Steve Wozniak, who invented the Apple l and Apple ll. What does it all mean? This means the universal remote industry sprung up over night, and the rate of innovation has been trending in the same way. The good remotes just keep getting better. Like the Logitech Touch which features a beautiful touchscreen.


A touch screen universal remote has an LCD screen capable of being monochrome or full color. “Buttons” on the remote are images on the screen that send IR or RA signals to the device being controlled. Some of the touch-screen remotes are programmed on a PC using a graphical interface program that lets you customize the backgrounds, buttons, screens and the “actions” the buttons do. With technology in a constant state of growth, these remotes are sure to keep getting better.


Let’s face it. The universal remote is a must have tool for those who are serious about their entertainment systems. To say it comes in handy is putting it mildly when you can downsize 15 remotes into one. Plus, they are generally bigger then an average remote, which makes it harder to lose. In closing, there are several types of universal remotes on the market today. They can be complex or simple and have a lot of buttons or a few. Some light up so you can see the remote in the dark and others have a touch screen. All of these features are great, but I urge you to get the best. No matter what size entertainment system you have, Take my advice. A Logitech Universal Remote is the way to go.

Harmony Touch

Product Review: Harmony Touch

Price Range:  $189 – $250

Who Would Buy The Harmony Touch: Those looking for a universal touch screen  remote with the ability to control up to 15 devices. This remote is also compatible with 5,000 plus brands and 225,000 devices.

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The Harmony Touch is one of two touch-screen remotes in Logitech’s current Harmony line. I owned the Touch for a time before its untimely demise in my daughters hands, and that’s why I can tell you right away, the Touch is a great remote and less expensive than the Ultimate. If you’re not looking for the extras like controlling Bluetooth game consoles, control from your smartphone/tablet, or hidden device control, then the Touch is the way to go.


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Overall the Touch has an uncluttered layout with a vibrant touch screen. Here you’ll find the Activity Menu which is like the central control station for my entertainment system.  Towards the top, the play, pause and skip buttons are physical, which is nice for operating by feel. As for size, the remote is smaller than the Harmony One, and with its curved back panel, it fits easily in one hand. From here you can also set and organize icons in the Channels Menu. (my wife loves this)

The remote control itself is sleek and modern looking. I know that it’s not a huge sales feature to mention, but to me it is pretty sweet. I was really impressed with the blaster range as it  is very wide. That means it can hit all of my devices in the general area with out having to be directly pointing at them. It uses the My Harmony software which is a breeze to setup. Plus, you can teach the remote to learn new buttons and reconfigure physical buttons to directly control any device.


Without the RF function on this remote its ability is limited to line of sight which is customary for traditional remotes, but a feature that once you’ve experienced it, feels like a loss when you don’t have it.


One-year Limited hardware warranty.

Value for money?

The Harmony Touch is a great universal remote for the price. It is very capable of handling any size entertainment system and is easy for everyone in the house to use. I recommend this remote with no reservations. Trust me, buy it and you will thank me later.

Where to buy:

Amazon.com is the best place I’ve found to buy the Harmony Touch Universal Remote. They have the best price and on top of that they have the best customer service bar none.

Harmony Ultimate – The Full Meaning

Ultimate I realized how unique this Ultimate remote was when I discovered it had a charging cradle. The world rejoice; no more batteries to mess with! The lithium battery is included, and it doesn’t use any power until you pick it up. Equipped with a motion sensor the Ultimate will go in to sleep mode if not used. Also, the Harmony Ultimate remote has a colorful touchscreen where you can control your whole entertainment system within a beautiful 2×3 inch screen. It even comes with a Harmony Hub that allows you to control devices that are behind a closed cabinet. The Hub will control your Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. It will also allow you to turn your smartphone into a second remote. Now you are beginning to see why it has ultimate in its name. Now let’s us look at the explanation for the name harmony.

Harmony means to work together. That is what the Harmony Ultimate does. It works with you to access your devices and then it makes sure that they are all turned on with the proper settings. Don’t worry, the Harmony Ultimate works with over 5,000 brands and 225,000 entertainment devices. There will be no checking for the codes on booklets you cannot find and sitting frustrated for hours trying to program your remote anymore. It will control up to 15 devices. Not only does it harmonize your devices to greater ease of use, but it will even help you monitor the amount of time your children will be able to use these items in your home. I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel guilty when I think my kids are watching too much television or playing too much Wii. The Harmony Ultimate will let you program these functions to set your mind at ease. That is worth a ton to me.

Harmony Smart Control – The Smart Choice for Anyone

Harmony Smart Control – The Smart Choice for Anyone

harmonyevent2You are looking for a Harmony Smart Controller to make your life less complicated. I was too. Keeping up with all my remotes and keeping good batteries in them was a pain. That is why I say that the Harmony Ultimate is a smart choice for anyone. It is so cool because it sleeps when you are not using because it is activated by a motion sensor when you pick up the remote. This feature saves your charge. On top of that, it comes with a charging cradle that will save the length of your battery by recharging the lithium battery for you automatically.

Just take it out of the box, and begin charging for your first use. It automatically picks up the signal from the devices you are going to control so you do not have to search for all of the codes. It uses Bluetooth technology. That means that your Wii, PS3, gaming systems, tablet, Xbox, blue-ray and your smartphone could be controlled using this remote. I think that is why they called it Harmony. You can control up to 15 devices at the same time. If you need another remote for someone in the house with you like I do, the harmony ultimate will allow you to turn your smartphone into another remote. You’ve got the power times 2 all for the price of one.

Extra Features Your Gonna Love

Not only can you control all of the devices in your home but you can also control how long your children use things like Wii and Xbox. You just program how much time you want, and the remote does the rest. I wanted peace of mind and the Harmony Ultimate gives me that. It also lets you tap the buttons to skip and you hold the same button down to fast forward. This features saves you time and trouble. That is simple. It even comes with a Harmony Hub that allows you to control devices that are behind a closed cabinet. I like that because it gives me a cleaner look for my living room. Overall, for the price and the features, the Harmony Smart Control is the smart choice.